Announcing the cover of Burn Me Deadly

Here’s the cover of my next novel, Burn Me Deadly. The artwork was done by Jean-Sebastien Rossbach, who also did the paperback cover for The Sword-Edged Blonde.

So what do you think?

8 Comments on “Announcing the cover of Burn Me Deadly”

  1. I run a space opera magazine which is renowned for having great covers. This cover rocks. It features many of the things I look for; a sense of place, of time, of activity. It has actual people caught doing something I'd like to know more about in a frozen moment in time. Finally, it makes me want to buy the book. Three thumbs up!

  2. Good choice. I like it very much. And it fits to the content…
    It is just the right classic cover for this book.

  3. Thanks to everyone for their comments, and I'm tickled that everyone likes it. I like it, too, so I'm glad that seems to be the consensus as well.

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