RELEASE DAY! (whew…)

Today is the official release day for BURN ME DEADLY.

If you’ve pre-ordered it, you’re awesome. If you buy it today, you’re only slightly less awesome. If you buy it eventually, you’re still on the awesome scale.

And the winner of the “Name a drink at Angelina’s Tavern” contest is…PARANOYD, for suggesting The Rogue’s Stiletto, also known as the Back-Stabber (your profile doesn’t have an e-mail address, so contact me with your mailing address).

And now, back to work on Dark Jenny. See you soon!

4 Comments on “RELEASE DAY! (whew…)”

  1. Hi, Alex! Thanks for this, I loved the Sword-Edged Blonde and have been looking forward to this. Should I email you my address or post it here?

  2. I was planning on spending some time at the bookstore Mon/Tues….I will add this to my list of "wants".

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