Interview: Sean Grigsby, author of SMOKE EATERS


Dragons are ubiquitous, and as a result, it can be difficult for a writer to find a new way to present them. Sean Grigsby, a fellow west Tennessean, has found a great approach: he combines dragons with his own experiences as a firefighter in his first novel, Smoke Eaters. I was lucky enough to read an advance copy of it, and … Read More

The Next Big Thing blog tour


My friend from the Heroic Fiction League on Facebook, Violette Malan, graciously invited me to participate in The Next Big Thing blog series. Each author answers the same set of questions, and passes them on to five more authors, who post their answers the following week and pass them on to five more authors, and so forth. You’ll find Violette’s … Read More

Writers Day #4

writer's day graphic

  This is the fourth of a series of videos showing how a typical writer (i.e., me) works through the day.  This one is about research, something you can often do when real life intrudes on your actual writing time. [divider] [media url=””]

Fiery surprise: the awesome beasts of Dragon Storm

In an earlier post, I promised to reveal the only other cinematic dragon that came close to rivaling the awesome Vermithrax from Dragonslayer. I discovered it quite by accident on a Saturday night, on the SciFi Channel (now known phonetically as “SyFy”). Those of you familiar with these weekend original movies know they’re usually one thing: crap. Bearing titles like … Read More

The lair of local dragons

Two weeks ago, I described my quest to discover the origin of the Norwegian dragons lining some of the roofs in my new home town of Mount Horeb, WI. My quest led me to a secluded valley outside town where I found Little Norway. Immediately I knew I’d come to the right place: note the dragons along the top of … Read More

On the trail of local dragons

I knew about the trolls. They’re all over town. And the Mustard Museum, for a while at least, remains here in Mount Horeb, WI. But I’d never noticed the dragons. That’s irony for you. My upcoming novel BURN ME DEADLY deals with a belief in dragons, and here I was in a town that actually harbored some. I’m sure I’d … Read More

First dragons: Vermithrax from Dragonslayer

My upcoming novel BURN ME DEADLY involves, in part, a group who worship fire-breathing dragons. Because really, if you’re writing fantasy, eventually you have to deal with dragons in some fashion. They’re a trope, like swords and/or sorcery. Ignoring them would be like leaving the horses out of a western. Not that I mind. Dragons continue to fascinate us because, … Read More