Announcing the Tufa Coloring Book

Hey, all you Tufa fans! Artist Shoshanah Marohn has put together a official coloring book featuring scenes from all four Tufa novels, at least one short story, and even a sneak image from the fifth book.



If you order it now, you can get $2 off the official price of $9.98. That’s right, from now until Chapel of Ease hits shelves on September 6, you can get the official Tufa Coloring Book for only $7.98.

Click on this link to order.

Seriously, though, the book is for real; Shoshanah approached me about it a few months ago, and has worked very hard to get it ready prior to the release of Chapel of Ease. Although I confess a little trepidation at first, I’m delighted with the results. If you’ve enjoyed my Tufa novels and stories, I think you’ll also really get a kick out of this.

Watch for an upcoming interview with Shoshanah about her experiences putting this together. And as always, if you like it, leave an honest review!

4 Comments on “Announcing the Tufa Coloring Book”

  1. I just ordered it! I am sure it will be beautiful!
    It was such a pleasure to meet you at CONvergence. I hope you come back to MN sometime for a reading and signing at Barnes and Noble!

  2. I’ve finally found the Adult coloring book that my sister been bugging me about last December! She’s been asking me to buy “The Tufa Coloring Book” and I thought I would never get one. I think Shoshanah and my Sister is very much alike, she likes to doodle too, and loves strange coloring book. Too bad though, I didn’t get the $2 off, when are you going to have another discount? Because I’d like to get 2 copies of your Tufa coloring book.. Thanks !

  3. This looks interesting. I’ve been wanting to try adult coloring book since it started to come out in the market and this one is quite popular. I wonder why people are getting hooked into this kind of activity so I wanted to try this real soon. I’m just wondering if I can actually alleviate stress by using this coloring book. With those delicate designs, I feel like its a lot of hard work. But since I love working hard, I want this book. Can I use any kind of coloring pens?

    1. Yes, as far as I know, any sort of coloring pen or pencil will do. You can contact the artist directly if you need more detailed info; I’m sure she’d love to hear from you.

      My wife works in marketing, and she swears by it as a stress reliever.

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