The Firefly Witch – Short Stories

Deborah Blake, author: Ry and Tanna are not your average couple; he’s a reporter and she is a blind witch with an uncanny gift. The story of how they came together is one part eerie, one part charm, and two parts pure, heady love. In short–it’s magical. I know it cast a spell on me!

Jim Cangangy on Back Atcha: This collection of three short stories, while lacking the whimsy of previous Firefly Witch collections, makes up for that by taking unflinching looks at societal problems like domestic abuse and gender discrimination.

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The Firefly Witch

When small-town reporter Ry Tully meets the woman of his dreams, he has no idea what he’s getting into. Tanna is blind, but when fireflies are around, she can see.  She’s a parapsychologist, and a psychic herself.  She’s also a Wiccan priestess–a witch.  And her primary duty is to help those in need, whether living, dead, or otherwise. Will Ry be able to forge a relationship with a woman so different from anyone he’s known?  Will Tanna rise to the challenges of both her new love, and her chosen path?  And will the dark corners of the world be ready for the Firefly Witch?

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Croaked: More Tales of the Firefly Witch

The heroine of The Firefly Witch, Dr. Tanna Tully, returns for more adventures into the dangerous, the absurd, and the deadly.
• Tanna receives a mysterious box that contains something alive, and possibly diabolical. Does Ry have the nerve to open it?
• When her research connects a long-vanished local lake with a global ecological crisis, Tanna and her husband Ry must find a way to cross dimensions into a strange other reality.
• A young boy vanishes inside an amusement park’s latest attraction, and his ghost begs Tanna for help. She and Ry must figure out what has happened to him, and then take a trip into the darkest place imaginable, if they dare, to try and free him.
• “Son” Emerson, obnoxious redneck country star, has a problem: the guitar once used by his late father, the legendary “Dad” Emerson, seems to be haunted. Can Tanna figure out who the ghost is, and what it wants?

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Back Atcha: More Tales of the Firefly Witch

In these three new short stories, the darkest adventures yet for the Firefly Witch, Tanna and Ry encounter their most vicious, diabolical and dangerous foes. One is a redneck who intends to sell his girlfriend to the devil, another is a serial killer with unexpected psychic powers, and the third is the hatred that leads people to barbarous acts of murder. Tanna must rely on her wits as well as her Wiccan beliefs, and Ry has to be stronger and smarter than he’s ever been, if they are to survive.

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The Book of Cunning Women

51L9crrpxqLTanna Tully, the Firefly Witch, returns in three new adventures that take her to the scene of a horrific tragedy, into the past of a mysterious park with a mind-bending secret, and to the home of Southern Gothic, New Orleans.

In these new stories, Tanna Tully, the Firefly Witch, gets to the bottom of three of her strangest mysteries. In “The Mischief Shades,” she investigates a seemingly light-hearted haunting borne of a ghastly tragedy that hits surprisingly close to home; in “Tourist Trap,” a friend’s suicide attempt exposes something long buried in a local park; and in “The Book of Cunning Women,” an artifact that could change history has to be pried from the selfish grasp of a popular novelist.

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Sight for Sore Eyes

51cYQUyc8LTanna Tully, known in Pagan circles as Lady Firefly, encounters people with extraordinary abilities that rival her own: a channel to the end of the world, someone capable of murdering a witch’s magic, and a friend who sees horrors that may or may not exist.

In this collection, curl up with three new Firefly Witch tales of terror, adventure, and dread. “In a Flash,” when a woman claims to shine with the light of God, is she really a portal to some nameless evil? “You’re Never Alone with a Psychic Friend,” where Tanna must unmask someone capable of destroying psychic powers before she becomes the next victim, and “Sight for Sore Eyes” in which an old friend who used to be blind regains her sight, but sees horrible, monstrous things that aren’t there…or are they?


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