Hey, y’all!

Welcome to my website. I’m Alex Bledsoe, author of novels and stories about musical fairies from the Smoky Mountains living among us (the Tufa novels); a sword-for-hire who, for twenty-five gold pieces a day, will either find the skeletons or make sure they stay in the closet (the Eddie LaCrosse novels); and polyester-clad vampires in the 1970s who spend as much time dealing with the racial tensions as they do with blood-letting (the Memphis Vampires novels).

You can learn a little bit more about me here, keep up with the adventures of the Squirrel Boy and the Siren on  Twitter,  Facebook, and/or Instagram, and send me a note here. And if you want to sample my writing for free, my friends at Tor will welcome you here.

Black lives matter.

Black trans lives matter.

Trans women are women, trans men are men.

LGBTQIA identities are valid.

Non-binary identities are valid.