Goodies from OddCon

This weekend I attended Odyssey Con IX here in Madison, WI. I met noted SF and fantasy author Emma Bull, who was as excited about Blood Groove as I was about her historical fantasy western novel Territory.

I also got to hang out again with Patrick Rothfuss, author of the best-selling fantasy novel The Name of the Wind, and got him to pose with a shout-out to fellow author Jen K. Blom.

And here’s the author signing session. That’s me on the other side of Moondancer Drake’s hat.

Finally, in the dealers’ room I picked up a new Lovecraftian desk guardian made of blown glass by Maggs Creations.

A tremendous thanks to Jim Nichols and all the other convention organizers for putting together a great weekend. Hope to see you all next year!

3 Comments on “Goodies from OddCon”

  1. This, my dear fellow, is possibly the coolest thing ever.

    Even cooler than getting Colonel Tigh’s autograph.

    You two ROCK.

    XOXOX :))))

  2. I think if I were ever an author and attended a con, I’d have to spend most of my day running around getting autographs instead of giving them. Looks like you had a great time.

  3. I love the desk guardian. Have you seen the new Hulu commercials, since the SuperBowl? I think the work of the Elder Gods.

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