Notes from Odyssey Con (OddCon) 2010

Just back from Odyssey Con 2010 in Madison, WI.

High points:
–meeting guest of honor Harry Turtledove for the first time.
–hanging out with other guest of honor Tobias Buckell who I haven’t seen in over a year.
–dinner with Toby, Steven Silver, Sarah Monette and Lynne and Michael Thomas.
–premiering the first chapter of The Girls with Games of Blood.
–participating in a great panel on the resurgence of sword and sorcery.
–and an end-of-con Thai outing with Toby, Sarah, Nayad Monroe, LaShawn Wanak and Karen Babich.

Low point:
Discovering that none of the dealers had any of my books for sale. They also stocked none of Toby Buckell’s original work, only his “Halo” tie-in, and he was a friggin’ Guest of Honor. Seriously not cool.

I did a pretty poor job of photographically documenting the convention, but I managed to get a few shots.

From left: Sarah Monette, Harry Turtledove, me, Kathryn Sullivan, Tobias Buckell.

Sarah and I wait for Harry to be brilliant. We didn’t wait long.

Harry ponders one of my bon mots. I appear to regret it.

Me with Lynne Thomas, co-editor and contributor to the Dr. Who essay collection, Chicks Dig Time Lords.

Tortoise cosplay.

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