Heroic Fantasy Challenge contest

Thanks to the awesome folks at Rogue Blades Entertainment, I’m one of the judges for their heroic-fantasy Challenge! contest.

The contest is open to submissions from June 1 to September 1, 2010. And the challenge is to base the story around this illustration by V Shane:

The basics (from the Rogue Blades website):

“The RBE Challenge! is a competition anthology open to anyone who writes heroic action adventure of ANY genre! Using V Shane’s above artwork and the title Discovery as inspiration, pen me mighty and mysterious tales of action and adventure. Speculative fiction is NOT required for Challenge! themes! Sword & Sorcery, Sword & Planet, Soul & Sandal, Western, Mystery, Dark Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Sci-Fi, even Horror and Romance! You name it, so long as it’s heroic fiction, you can submit it.”

You can find more information at this link.

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