Going the extra Mile(s)

After I wrote yesterday’s post on Miles O’Keeffe, I spoke with with Monica Surrena, the writer/director of King of the Road, Miles’ most recent film. She said:

“Miles is a really easy going guy. Kind of soft spoken and was delightful to work with. Even though it was a student short, he took it very seriously, did many of his own stunts (except the outrageous bike stuff – that was done by Monte Perlin), and shared a lot of anecdotes about some feature films he’d been in. When he wasn’t on camera, he spent most of his time sitting by himself, getting into character. ‘Wild’ Bill was based off of my dad. If you ever met my father, you’d see how well Miles took the real person and adapted it to the fictional down and out hero. Both he and John Bigham (who played Bill’s sidekick, Igor) also worked together well and did quite a bit of improve on set. I’ve kept in touch him since the film, and if I do anything else, I’d like to use him again. He’s a real pro.”

Here’s the trailer, showing Miles in action (love the spinning motorcycle bit):

The film’s official website is here. Thanks again to Monica Surrena.

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