A Giveaway in honor of National Bubba Day!

The “Bubba” is a creature of the American South, often misunderstood by those not from the region. I’ve known a half-dozen people whose preferred name was “Bubba,” and it’s been used as a term of endearment for older brothers since time immemorial. It’s fitting, then, that there’s a National Bubba Day to commemorate this.


The classic Bubba is best embodied by Cooter from The Dukes of Hazzard. He’s loyal, friendly, and handy with a car engine. He wears a baseball cap at all times, doesn’t shave on a regular basis and yet never fully commits to growing a beard. Do NOT, however, confuse him with:

Larry the Cable Guy is not a Bubba, in the same way Keanu Reeves is not an actor and anything Kardashian is not a human being. Larry is a faux Bubba: he takes the image and accoutrements of this noble Southern archetype and uses them for his own money-grubbing ends. He even had the temerity to replace the late Jim Varney, a man with true Bubba in his soul, in Cars 2. [NOTE: as K.C. points out in the comments below, LtCG voiced Mater in both Cars films; Jim Varney voiced Slinky the Dog in Toy Story 1 and 2, and was replaced by Blake Clark for Toy Story 3. Apparently I got my Pixars crossed.  Still, I stand by my opinion of LtCG’s cultural legitimacy.] So avoid this pandering phony (he’s from Nebraska, after all) at all costs.

However, this is a real Bubba:

Joe Don Baker as Buford Pusser


In fact, this is a Bubba on multiple levels.  Buford Pusser was a real man, one of my Giants of West Tennessee, and he’s portrayed here by Joe Don Baker, a Texan who definitely has a full quota of Bubba in him.

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate National Bubba Day than with a trilogy of films about this quintessential Bubba. So I’m giving away my DVD copies of Walking Tall, Part 2 Walking Tall and Walking Tall: The Final Chapter, along with signed copies of my novels The Girls with Games of Blood, which features a Pusser-esque Bubba character, and Wisp of a Thing, my latest Tufa story.


Just leave a comment here on my blog about your favorite Bubba (you know you have one) sometime before midnight on Sunday, June 9, to be entered for a chance to win.

And happy Bubba day to all the Bubbas!

22 Comments on “A Giveaway in honor of National Bubba Day!”

  1. Hey Alex, as someone who moved from the mid-west to Savannah, TN in the mid 70’s I can resonate with the learning curve required to understand the whole bubba thing!! We moved to TN not long after Pusser died – so his persona grew by leaps and bounds…would love the movies – but even more – want to get my hands on your newest book!!!

  2. So many Texan men to choose from.. how can I choose just ONE??? I do know.. if you mess with a sibling of a Texan.. You’ll soon find out.. that was one of the dumbest “thangs” ya ever did!

  3. Just a fact check. Larry the Cable Guy voiced Mater in both Cars movies. CArs was made in 2006. Jim Marney died in 2000.

  4. We would be remiss on National Bubba day not to mention the King of all Bubba’s – President Bill Clinton! Okay, so he shaves and generally dresses clean-cut now, but he is a Bubba at heart. You can take the Bubba out of Arkansas, but you can’t take the Bubba out of the man.

  5. My favorite bubba is my late father’s buddy “Buddy”. Buddy is a true life version of Cooter. Hat, beard, and beat up Ford pick-up truck. Buddy would stop to let you know your cows were out and help you round them up and probably help you patch the fence.

  6. Walking Tall! I haven’t thought about that movie in years. Dad took us to the drive-in to it when it first came out. I never realized that it was based on a real story.

  7. I’m guessing Bubbo Ho-Tep doesn’t count. 🙂

    How about Goober Pyle? I know he was played strictly for laughs on the Andy Griffith Show, but he was also a really good-hearted character that I loved, and sounds like he might fit the type.

  8. My favorite “Bubba” is my neighbors 11 year old autistic son Willard. He never fails to put a smile on my face whenever I see him. All his life everyone has always called him Bubba or Bubs for short. Yesterday as he was cleaning up after his dog, Dawg, he informed me that his name is Willard and that’s what we should call him…I guess you had to be there, but it was so cute…Willard it is then. He’s still my favorite “Bubba” and always will be!

  9. Sounds like half the people my dad used to know when I was a kid. Plus, Bubba is a running joke with some friends of ours and it went full force when we had a social gathering, and everyone’s name tag read either “Bubba”, “Bubbette” (for the ladies) and “Little Bubba” (for the baby).

  10. I’m claiming Patrick Swayze in just about anything, as my favorite Bubba. And if he ain’t Texan enough, I’ll take Daryl from Walking Dead.

  11. My best friend Bob is a Bubba, lol. Ohio is called the south of the north, and he grew up in a rural village that sprung up around a GM plant. He’s extremely intelligent, but comes across as sweet, goofy, friendly, and very hairy lol. Unruly beard and hair that doesn’t get cut nearly enough. He is also extremely skilled with mechanical objects like cars and hair dryers, a skill I put to the test as a hairdresser. He’s like my big brother.

  12. Cooter is a good one and would be an obvious choice if he were not off the table.

    I will go with Dr. William Weaver from John Ringo’s Looking Glass novels. Yes, he is a physicist with a top secret clearance, but oddly enough, he is a Bubba, too. Yes, it confused me too at first…

  13. My favorite bubba is my dad, but he really doesn’t fit the archetype. He does however pocess certain “bubba” qualities:
    -He always knows how to fix the dangdest things that I would swear were unfixable.
    -He is somehow able to produce a beer or other beverage from thin air when they are most needed.
    -He will show up when you need him in a pinch.

  14. This morning commuting to work I was following a Buubette. She was driving a Volkswagon Beetle Convertible with a deer hunting sticker in the rear window.

  15. In Detroit they’ll tell you their favorite Bubba was Bubba Baker he was a ferocious pass rusher, but he also had a huge billboard on the lodge freeway advertising for Bonnie’s Bread that read “Bonnie’s bread is Bubba’s Baker” with a big gleaming smile. Part 2 The Bubba character on the tv show In The Heat of the Night was the consummate Bubba… Really nice guy till you get out of line.

  16. I’m casting my two cents for Sheriff J.W. Pepper from “Live and Let Die” and “Golden Gun.” I know many didn’t appreciate his role, as it seemed more of an attempt to cash in on 70s chase movies craze, but I grew to appreciate him.

  17. I am not from the South and don’t fully understand Bubba’s. The term Bubba, always put the fear of beejeezus in me. Then one day out in the wilds up past Hot Springs NC, I saw a guy with a kitten on his shoulder and another couple in the pocket of his dungarees. He was playing with a little kid and they were all laughing. Then a granny character shouted out of the trailer…calling him Bubba.

    That kinda changed my mind about Bubba’s. If you’d like to check my story I can try and remember the way to Bubba’s place…. * )

  18. My favorite Bubba is my father-in-law , Billy Wayne “Pop” Dunavan. A life long Tennesseean , he passed away 8 years ago. His Bubba status is upped due to the fact that he was in all of The Walking Tall movies! Alas, he had no speaking part in any of them. Being a “Bubbette” I already have the movies (of course!) so I exempt myself from the drawing. I just wanted everyone to be jealous of my awesome Bubba father-in-law!

  19. Dadgummit! I should have left myself in the runnin’ so I could fetch me some books! We southerners ain’t too smart sometimes! I’m fixin to pitch a hissy fit. Bless my heart.

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