Get Your Name (And Favorite Song) in a Tufa Novel

Anita Covington recently lost her husband to cancer and within two weeks was also involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident. She has massive injuries (detailed on the website) and is still in the hospital. Like so many people, Anita has no insurance. She is 62 years old.


The band Tuatha Dea has organized an auction to raise money for her medical bills, and to provide modifications for her home necessary for her recovery.

I’ve donated a Tuckerization for the next Tufa novel, Long Black Curl, out in 2015. But it’s a special kind: not only can you get a character named after you (or the person of your choice), you also get to see your favorite folk song mentioned in the story.

You can bid on this, and many other great items, at the auction site here. You can also follow the the auction on Facebook.

So pay it forward, and get a little immortality in the process.

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