Talking to My Daughter About Women in Refrigerators

The panel that gave the trope its name.

On New Year’s Day, I did some surfing through various Twitter feeds and came across this article by Caroline Pruett. Titled, “Talking to Our Daughters About Violence Against Women in Comics,” she speaks to the issue of “women in refrigerators,” a term for using the death and/or brutalization of female characters as devices to motivate male heroes. It’s a concept … Read More

The Return of Miracleman!


I haven’t been a serious comic fan in a long time. It’s nothing against the form–graphic, visual storytelling is as valid as the novel, the short story or the TV series–but my own life changed in such a way that the tales being told in the medium stopped speaking to me somewhere in the 1990s. But when I read that … Read More

Guest Blog: Wonder Woman Redux

Image from the animated movie.

A few weeks ago, my friend Elizabeth Keathley wrote a guest blog here about the new run of the Wonder Woman comic. Recent issues have caused her to re-evaluate her original comments. ***** Last month, I wrote a piece for this blog recommending the new run of Wonder Woman, based on the first four issues of the digital release. It is with … Read More

Guest blog: the resurrection of Wonder Woman

Adele Kirby as WW. Photo (c) 2012 by Sean O'Malley. Body paint by Natasha Bloom.

Ever since working on an essay for a subsequently-cancelled SmartPop collection, I’ve been fascinated with attitudes toward Wonder Woman.  My friend Elizabeth Keathley, a much more well-read and long-term fan, was kind enough to write about the character’s recent history. ***** I have two daughters, ages three and five. When I was around their ages, I wore through more than one … Read More

Interview: Tim Hall, writer of The Last Mortician

Cover: The Last Mortician

Recently premiered The Last Mortician, a comic written by my friend Tim Hall (author of Half Empty; see my review here) and illustrated by Dean Haspiel.  You can learn more about its creation in this video, but I wanted to ask Tim some specific things about the story, which will involve spoilers.  So we’ll wait while you go read … Read More

In defense of Superman Returns

Over at the science fiction blog io9, hardly a week passes that doesn’t involve a dig at Bryan Singer’s 2006 film Superman Returns. For example: Warner Brothers Takes the Time to Make a Superman That Won’t Suck. Next Superman Movie Will Have Actual Superheroics. How to Make You Believe a Man Could Fly Again. While some criticisms are valid (a … Read More