Some Thoughts on the Chosen One


There is a concept, a hidden implication, in the original Star Trek series that James T. Kirk might not be unique. He might be merely one of many Starfleet captains out there boldly going, having amazing adventures across the galaxy. After all, the Enterprise is one of a dozen identical starships, and the rest are certainly not sitting in space … Read More

Rant: the high cost of low quality

The new "Django," "unchained" from originality.

Last night, the wife and I saw Skyfall. I’ve seen every James Bond movie in a real movie theater since Live and Let Die, so my streak continues. I thought Skyfall was an adequate spy thriller and action film, but not much of a James Bond movie. Perhaps, given how this one ends, the next one will be more of … Read More

The Man (or Alien) in the Mirror


I was reading this blog by author Theodora Goss and came across this comment: “My parents’ generation was raised under communism, and still retains the assumption that literature is important to the extent that it adheres to literary realism.” Ms. Goss, like me, is a fantasy author. Her works include the novel, The Thorn and the Blossom, and the story collection, In the … Read More

By request: Fan Fiction

Recently I was asked, “What are your thoughts on fan fiction? If someone wrote fan fiction [based] on your works, would you be pleased or horrified?” Before I wade into this, let me define my terms. “Fan fiction” is fiction that makes unauthorized use of characters and concepts that belong to someone else. The actual quality of the writing, in … Read More

The core problem with JJ Abrams’ Star Trek

(Warning: this post really shows my geekiness. I make no apology for it.) I finally figured it out. And now, I have to share it. I went to JJ Abrams’ Star Trek reboot prepared to dislike it. I generally hate remakes, even good ones, because no matter how well done (i.e., Battlestar Galactica), their success is merely a reflection of … Read More