International Eddie

Here’s the German cover art for The Sword-Edged Blonde; the title translates as The King’s Sword, which is a reasonably accurate alternate title (and definitely looks cool in German).  Available in Germany April 9!

This actually does look a lot like I envisioned the younger Eddie from the flashback scenes.  And here’s an exclusive tidbit you’ll only find here: Young Eddie will also appear in the fifth novel, so far untitled, so far only about half written, but coming out in 2013.

Das Schwert des Koenigs

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  1. Love the artwork… but, hate to say it’s the same as the cover for ‘Midwinter’ by Matthew Sturges, minus the female character. If it weren’t for that fact, it’d be a tremendous cover and I’d be likely to search it out solely for collector purposes.

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