Second hint, and a chance to win an ARC

As I said last week, the advance reader copies (ARCs) of He Drank, and Saw the Spider are available, and they do me no good sitting in the box in my study. So below you’ll find another photographic hint about the book. And here’s the contest: the best caption (as determined by me) wins a signed ARC! So leave a caption in the comments below before midnight on September 8. (International entries are eligible, too.)


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21 Responses to Second hint, and a chance to win an ARC

  1. Marian Allen

    “Yes, yes, I can see your lips moving. NOT HIS, YOURS.”

  2. RJ Beem

    What is in your mouth, Hamlet? Spit it out right now!!!

  3. Deborah Blake

    “My mind to your mind. Your thoughts to my thoughts.” (To self: For goodness sakes, you’d think these people had never seen a Vulcan Mind Meld before.)

  4. MGS

    Why is my son in a dress? WHO PUT MY SON IN A DRESS?!?

  5. Billy Junior

    “This cannot possibly be my son – I am so much better looking than he is.”

  6. Charles

    “If you don’t spit out the keys to the Volvo, I’m leaving you at the Ren Fair with Esmerelda Von Creepy Robe and Ye Forlorn Spear Brigade!”

  7. Peter

    “When Daddy is entertaining his lady friends, you will NOT tell them about Mommy!”

  8. Christine L.

    Ermahgerd, her wers da rers erf yerth erpern herm! (Antony and Cleopatra, Act III, scene xiii)

  9. Kayla

    “Wait. What did you just say about my momma?”

  10. Mona Lisa Martinez

    “Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus.”

  11. Ed Spitzbarth

    “Kid, don’t you ever wash your face before leaving the house?”

  12. Eric Quertermous

    “Look son, I know that you’re a child star now, but that’s no excuse for acting like an asshole.”

  13. Paul Weimer (@PrinceJvstin)

    “What do you mean that this is my son’s evil twin? He doesn’t have a twin!”

  14. Chris

    And so, a young Micheal Cera learned what a horrible mistake it was to tell the King “When I grow up I want to be just like Joeffrey Batatheon!”

  15. Arlene Allen

    No you can’t stay up late tonight. We have too much killing to do. We wouldn’t want to sully your young eyes, now would we?

  16. Emily

    Shhh! I heard the TARDIS!

  17. Kristin Taggart

    Are you sure this is how you give a kid a pill?

  18. Kathy MacLaren

    I told you he didn’t swallow it!

  19. Allison McDonald-Brandes

    “What’s that you say boy? At some point in the future a Professional Word Jockey will ask people to caption this photo and it will be impossible?”

  20. Dean Elliott

    ” As I said several movies ago.HE’S NOT THE MESSIAH HE’S A VERY NAUGHTY BOY! Now off you go and don’t molest the albatross “

  21. Alex

    Okay, folks, I couldn’t pick a lone winner, so it’s a tie between Marian Allen and Emily Jones. Thanks to everyone who pitched in, and don’t worry, there will be more ARCs to be had very soon!

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