Announcing the second Tufa novel

The night winds and their riders will return.


It’s official: there will be a second Tufa novel. Titled Wisp of a Thing, it will not be a straight sequel, but another story in the same setting, with many of the same characters.  Release date, cover art, and back cover text are all to come.  But I wanted to announce this during the holidays, to thank everyone who enjoyed The Hum and the Shiver and asked for more.

(Image from the insert of Jennifer Goree’s second CD, Don’t be a Stranger)

8 Comments on “Announcing the second Tufa novel”

  1. Just finished Hum and Shiver. It’s a delightful fantasy and I hope it enjoys wide readership. Certainly love to read more, it’s a great concept.

  2. Hello! Drop by to say that I enjoyed the first Tufa novel immensely and am very glad to hear that there will be a second novel. Can’t wait to read it next. The Hum and the Shiver was one of my favorite book of 2011. Also enjoyed the first Eddie Lacrosse novel. 😀

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