Dark Jenny mass market paperback release

Today the mass market paperback edition of the third Eddie LaCrosse novel, Dark Jenny, hits shelves. It includes a preview from the upcoming Wake of the Bloody Angel, one that’s different from the preview in the paperback of Burn Me Deadly. There was no book trailer for the original release of Dark Jenny, but there is one for the new … Read More

The Curse of the Overwritten

I’ve been teaching a class for teen writers at the local library, and like any teaching job, the teacher gets as much out of it as the students. These kids are all there because they want to be, and they’ve proven through our first revision pass (my notes on their stories) that they can take editorial comments without freaking out. … Read More

The sources and settings for Wake of the Bloody Angel

Okay, so the fourth adventure of sword jockey Eddie LaCrosse, Wake of the Bloody Angel, hits shelves and reading devices this summer. What’s it about, you ask? Pirates. Oh, sure, there’s other things: the weight of the past, the nature of truth, the limits of friendship, sea monsters. But the selling point for me, the reason I wanted to write … Read More

International Eddie

Here’s the German cover art for The Sword-Edged Blonde; the title translates as The King’s Sword, which is a reasonably accurate alternate title (and definitely looks cool in German).  Available in Germany April 9! This actually does look a lot like I envisioned the younger Eddie from the flashback scenes.  And here’s an exclusive tidbit you’ll only find here: Young Eddie … Read More

Burn Me Deadly paperback, Wake of the Bloody Angel teaser

Today the mass market paperback of Burn Me Deadly, with new cover art by Larry Rostant, hits stores. It also includes the first three chapters (how’s THAT for a tease?) of my next Eddie LaCrosse book, Wake of the Bloody Angel. And to celebrate that, here’s the teaser trailer for the new book, to give you a little taste of … Read More

Wake of the Bloody Angel cover art

For all the fans of Eddie LaCrosse, here’s a peek at the cover for his next adventure, Wake of the Bloody Angel. Watch for it summer 2012!

To Avoid Shark-Jumping

As I await the page proofs for Eddie LaCrosse IV (Wake of the Bloody Angel) and begin the first draft of Eddie LaCrosse V (so far, Eddie LaCrosse V), it occurred to me that every book in the series begins with two concepts, one of which is the same each time, while the other is very different.  If you’re out … Read More

The Strange Case of the Inadvertent Exorcism

It’s no secret that The Sword-Edged Blonde, the first Eddie LaCrosse novel (and my first novel, period), was inspired in part by the Fleetwood Mac song “Rhiannon.”  I was twelve when the song was released, and since I grew up in the era of rock-oriented FM radio, I heard it a lot.  And it never failed to captivate me.  Remember, … Read More